Top 5 Swiss Ski Resorts

Top 5 Swiss Ski Resorts

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Top 5 Swiss Ski Resorts

If you’re a skier, you’re already planning your next ski trip even though it’s spring! ?And with beautiful mountains located all over the world offering amazing skiing, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start.

And with beautiful mountains located all over the world offering amazing skiing, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start.

So many possibilities. But why waste your time thinking of where to go skiing, when you can actually be skiing? So when planning your next ski trip, don’t overlook the beautiful mountains in Switzerland.

Swiss ski resorts have a lot to offer, and they’re not that far away from the UK. Which is why we’re sharing our top 5 Swiss ski resorts you need to visit next.

Why Choose Swiss Ski Resorts?

With so many ski mountains located all over the world, it’s tough to choose where to go first. Here’s why we think you should start with Swiss ski resorts.

  • Located in the Middle of the Alps
  • Dotted with some of the most iconic ski resorts
  • Boasts the biggest glaciers in Europe
  • 57 of the highest peaks over 4,000 meters
  • Europe’s highest railway station – Jungfraujoch at 3,454m
  • Big cable cars like the Klein Matterhorn and Shilthorn

Lastly, their integrated transportation will have you getting off the plane, heading to a train, and then to your resort. All in style.

Why Do Swiss Ski Resorts Have Great Skiing?

While Swiss ski resorts are amazing, you’re there for the skiing. And here’s what you’ll experience while skiing in Switzerland:

  • Features big vertical from top to bottom
  • Resorts are high and therefore tend to be snow sure: Meaning you’re much more likely to have great snow because you’re so high up.
  • Longer seasons: Because the resorts are so high up, the season tends to last longer

1. Zermatt

This mountain offers the highest winter sports area in the Alps. But Zermatt has a lot more to offer than just high terrain.

Zermatt also:

  • Offers terrain altitudes between 2,500 and 3,900 meters
  • 2,133 of vertical drop
  • 365 days a year of skiing and snowboarding
  • A new chairlift that will carry 2,000 people to the glacier in an hour

Zermatt is also the best ski resort to stay at if you’re into partying.

2. Andermatt

You can often find good snow in Andermatt when conditions aren’t so great elsewhere.

But Andermatt?also offers:

  • Slopes between 2,000-3,000 meters
  • Great for experts, most of the runs are black diamond

Andermatt is best known for its powder.

3. Verbier

Known for its luxurious chalets and hotels, Verbier has a lot to offer anyone looking for a great vacation.

But for those who came to ski Verbier, here’s what they’ll find:

  • One of the best places on earth for off-piste skiing
  • Abundant backcountry terrain

Verbier is best for experts but does offer a variety of terrain for more intermediate skiers.

4. Villars

Villars is known for its slow pace.

But you can also expect:

  • Terrain that allows you to advance your skiing abilities
  • Great ski schools

Villars is where you should head to if you’re a beginner skier.

5. Gstaad

Whilst Gstaad is mostly known for its terrain that’s perfect for intermediate and beginner skiers, there are plenty of options to keep an expert busy.

You’ll also experience:

  • 20 kilometres of pistes and snow parks served by 57 lifts
  • Night skiing and snowmaking

Gstaad is also where you head if you’re looking to spot celebrities.

No matter where you choose to go skiing, we’ve got you covered. Whether that’s from head to toe in snow gear, or with information on where and when to head to the mountains.


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