The Top Trends For Ski Boots in 2017

The Top Trends For Ski Boots in 2017

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The Top Trends For Ski Boots in 2017

True skiers know that there is not really a “ski season.” That’s because the best time to ski is anytime you can ski.

Whether you are chasing down the snow or counting down the days for your local resort to open, you’re thinking about strapping on some skis and gliding down the hill.?Are you equipped for skiing or is your equipment holding you back? Let’s take a look and see what 2017 has in store for skiing equipment.

First up – ski boots.


Ski boots have traditionally been clunky, awkward to wear, and heavy. We understand that there is a safety factor involved in the boot so there is a certain necessity to that.

On the other side, we have made so many technological advances in recent years, why has this key piece of equipment been left virtually unchanged? Well, the good news is that boots are about to change big time.


2017 will finally see an influx of lighter boots. Nearly every major?manufacturer will be offering boots that?have undergone extensive design and structural changes that maintain the integrity of the boot but without that weight that we’ve been forced to accept for years.


Those structural changes have affected not just the weight, but it’s comfort positions as well. By altering the basic elements of the boot, designers have been able to add in some additional areas of flexibility.

This doesn’t mean that you can go from the slopes to the ballet stage but it does mean you’ll do less walking like Frankenstein’s Monster when you wear them.

He Wore/She Wore

For far too long, men have had a much wider selection of ski boots to choose from than women. That is changing.

While gender-specific items aren’t integral to every sport, in skiing they can have a profound effect on the performance of the athlete. An ill-fitting boot can affect a skier’s performance and even potentially their health.

A woman’s leg anatomy is significantly different than a man’s – longer calves, shorter bones, different center of gravity. It’s not enough to make a different boot for?them by shrinking down a man’s boot.

It has to be constructed so that it is specific to their body type and that works with their physicality.

Companies like Tecnica have taken this need seriously. They have teamed up with The?University of Verona to not just design something for the specific needs of a woman’s body but to design equipment that can handle Olympic-like rounds of skiing! It’s a case of matching up science and commerce for good.

It’s a case of matching up science and commerce for good.

Ski Boots That Fit Like A Glove

Ok, so maybe ski boots aren’t there yet, but in 2017 you’ll get better comfort than you have before. Many in these new series of offerings contain heat moldable liners.

These customizable liners help marry the footwear to your foot so you don’t feel like you’re trying to fit your foot into a too small box any longer. Admittedly it’s still not like slipping on a pair of new sneakers, but it’s better.

2017 could turn out to be the year that people stop looking at their ski footwear as a necessary evil and instead see them as a key part of their ski arsenal. Personally, these changes may not make me a better skier but I’ll certainly feel better trying.

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