The Benefits of Professional Ski Instruction

Want to ski but on the fence about professional lessons? Don't be. Read here to learn about the benefits of professional ski instruction!

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The Benefits of Professional Ski Instruction

Do you look up at the snowy slopes and wonder what it would be like to effortlessly slide down them?

If you sign up for ski instruction, you’ll quickly learn that it isn’t so effortless.

Unlike other sports, you can’t pick up skiing by watching other people or viewing online tutorials.

The safest and most viable way to learn to ski is to take lessons. This can help you build a safe, solid foundation on which to conquer nature.

Still not convinced that lessons are needed to improve your skill? Let’s take a deeper dive.

Learn the basics

When you start professional ski instruction, it’s important to begin with basic manoeuvres. You can’t immediately start taking jumps off high slopes right away!

You need to start small and master those easy maneuvers on different slope gradients prior to working your way up.

It’s important to master these skills so you have a foundation to ski. If you immediately try to do more difficult moves, you’ll only know the basics of skiing on flat terrain – if that. You also won’t have the muscle strength or stamina to pull the move off safely.

Learn control

As you’re learning to ski, you don’t know anything about how to control your movements and turns.

If you haven’t been taught professionally, you likely don’t know the proper technique. Even things you think are simple, like turning, are more complex than they seem and require considerable strength.

For instance, you can turn your skis by turning your entire body. You can also learn rotation and counter-rotation as well as deflection.

These are techniques that you won’t know about – especially regarding steering with your legs or shifting your weight – or be able to master prior to having professional instruction.

Build muscle memory

Skiing isn’t an intuitive sport. While some activities you can walk into and immediately know what to do, the snowy slopes seem as though they should be easy, but they aren’t.

In fact, skiing can be downright scary when you first start, especially when you have no experience sliding down slopes. What happens when you need to stop?

Professional skiing instruction can turn your fear into instinct and muscle memory. As you train with your instructor, you’ll learn proper techniques and what to do in an array of scenarios.

This will help train your body in the movements necessary to ski expertly and safely.

Hit the slopes with professional ski instruction

As with any type of sports lessons, finding the right teacher for you is also an important aspect. Make sure that your instructor answers any questions you have as well as trains you safely.

Once you sign up for proper ski lessons, you’ll be conquering the slopes in no time at all! What’s better is that you’ll be safe, and you’ll be able to intuitively guide yourself through the pathways. No more slamming into trees for you!

Questions about skiing, or curious what ski lessons can do for you? Feel free to contact us!

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