Skiing With Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Skiing with Kids: Everything You Need to Know

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Skiing With Kids: Everything You Need to Know

Taking a family vacation is a great way to have fun together. While many trips take place in the summer, there?s no reason not to take a winter excursion. A family ski trip can introduce your kids to the great outdoors in a new way.

Skiing with kids has its challenges, however. It?s important to keep in mind that beginners need extra care as they build their skill and confidence. Here?s what you need to know to make the family ski trip a success.

Bring a Sled for Small Children

It?s understandable that you want to introduce your kids to your passion for winter sports at a young age. However, remember that small children will tire more quickly than you, especially in the cold. Bring a sled so that they can enjoy the snow while using less energy.

A sled also allows young kids to experience the winter fun in a way they already enjoy. If strapping on skis doesn?t go well at first, the sled is a great fall back plan that will allow everyone to have a good time still.

Prepare for Skiing with Kids

As you get ready to ski with your family for the first time, think through everything you might need. While you don?t want to weigh yourself down, be sure you have snacks, water, extra layers, and minor first aid supplies.

If you can rent a locker at the lodge, it may be worth the extra cash to have a place to store your extras. Helping children up and down the slopes all day can be exhausting, and knowing your supplies are safe inside can be a relief.

Bring a Lot of Patience

Skiing with kids is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to load up on patience and flexibility. Don?t expect your children to keep up with you if you?ve been a lifelong skier. Take lots of breaks.

Kids can become tired, fussy, and whiny. You may remember your childhood ski trips with fondness, but it?s possible your parents have a different view. One day, your kids may reminisce about how fun these family trips were, and you?ll smile and shake your head.

Start Small and Have Fun

When you are skiing with kids, don?t make the mistake of using the ?sink or swim? method. Unfortunately, some parents bring their children to the top of a big intermediate hill and have them start that way.

If it?s the first time your kids have been skiing, take them to the beginner hill and let them learn at their own pace. Focus on having fun, not on having the perfect technique or speed. If the kids get tired of skiing, play with snowball fights, snow angels, and other fun activities.

When you are skiing with kids for the first time, you never know how it will turn out. Your children may take to it like a fish to water, or they may hate it and want to stay inside drinking cider all day. By being prepared for both situations, you?ll ensure that you have fun with your kids even if they don?t share your love of snow.

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