The Beautiful Slopes of Norway

Part of Norway lies within the Arctic Circle. The country has almost 300 mountains that rise above 2,000 metres. Here, having sufficient snow to ski on is generally not a problem.

Having enough daylight hours to do it in, is another matter.

Some resorts make up for this with floodlit skiing ? including the novelty of skiing under lights in the morning!

Norway is one of the most strung out countries in the world, stretching all along the western shores of the Scandinavian peninsular. It is roughly one and a half times the size of the UK with less than a tenth of the population.

It shares land borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It has access to the Barents and North seas.

Norway is not a member of the EU but maintains close ties and trade links with the EU through its membership of the European Economic Area and European Free Trade Association. It is also a member of the Schengen Area allowing free movement of EU citizens.

It is a rich country and rates number one or two in various lifestyle surveys assessing such things as happiness, public integrity, democracy, health care, freedom and household income.

The country has to deal with large seasonal variations in daylight hours. In the north of the country the sun hardly sets for part of the year and hardly rises in winter.

In Oslo, the capital, there are about six hours of daylight in December, six to eight in January, rising to eight to nine in February and 10 to 11 in March. In December the sun sets at 4.30pm moving on to 6.30pm by March.

Norway is big on sports, including winter sports such as cross-country, boarding, skiing and ski jumping.

There are cross-?country trails and alpine resorts all over the country, but the largest and most popular are in the mountains of central and eastern Norway.

Resorts include the family-friendly Trysil with its 67 slopes, close-to-Oslo Norefjell, and the former Olympic host Hafjell. There is summer skiing at Stryn and Nordic skiing at Malselv.

Fact File

Resorts There are over 20 significant ski resorts in various parts of the country, but the largest and most popular are in the mountains of central and eastern Norway.
Currency Norwegian Krone
Language Norwegian, but English is widely spoken.
Time zone Central European Time (UTC +1)
International dialing code +47
Domain .no
Useful websites www.visitnorway.com