6 Essential Pieces of Ski Wear for the Slopes

6 Essential Pieces of Ski Wear for the Slopes

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6 Essential Pieces of Ski Wear for the Slopes

When it comes to skiing, you need to be prepared.?Yes, skiing is fun, but there a few pieces of ski wear?that you need to have in order to be safe.

Here are 6 essential pieces of ski gear you’ll need for the slopes:


You want to have fun. You also want to stay safe.

Studies show that a helmet can only protect us to a certain point. It won’t help us with concussions, but it will prevent skull fractures.

If you are going too fast, you are bound to sustain damage with a helmet on regardless. On the other hand, if you are going at a slower pace, a helmet will protect you.

But that’s not the only thing that a helmet can do for you. It also acts as an insulator. When you are up in the mountains, it’s bound to be cold. If you aren’t wearing a helmet, your?head will be exposed to the cold. A hat can keep you warm, but it won’t cover?your whole head.


When your hands?get cold, you can’t move your fingers as effectively. When you need to use your ski poles, this might be a problem.

Gloves are there to keep your hands warm. Without them, you would spend your trip worrying about the colour of your hands.

Research shows that at higher altitudes almost 1 in 3 people will experience frostbite. 26.4% of the time that frostbite will happen in the hand area.

That’s no fun. You don’t want to go through this on a trip.


Skiing is great until you fall because you can’t see. Snow will get in your eyes while you ski without goggles and that will prevent you from seeing which could result in an accident.

But the higher you go up, the?higher the UV levels. A good pair of Goggles?will?keep you?protected.


This piece of clothing will ensure that you are warm while you ski. You don’t want something that’s too thick. You need to be able to move.

Look for something that’s comfortable but warm. Both of these need to be present. Otherwise, you will either be cold, or you will not enjoy skiing.

Ski Pants

When it comes to pants, you shouldn’t wear a typical pair of pants. Your pants need to be prepared for the weather that they are about to be used in, and normal pants most often aren’t waterproof.

Getting pants that are waterproof will prevent you from getting a nasty?cold.

Skinny fit is popular in terms of fashion today, but you aren’t?going to a fashion show. You are going to be moving a lot while skiing and skinny trousers will rip because of that. Buy something that will allow you to be flexible.

Conclusion on ski wear essentials

These are some but not all of the essentials when it comes to ski wear. In addition to the aforementioned?items, you will also need skiing boots and skis.

Which gear helps you the most? Get in touch!

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